The Puck Perfecter

The process of creating a cup of coffee has many variables and all of these affect the final result, the quality of your drink. The knowledge and routine use of these tools and processes are essential to make quality coffee and be able to repeat that action at any time.

One of these variables is the grounds’ proper placement in the filter basket. The grounds have to be perfectly smooth because this highly affects the extraction.

In case the grounds in the filter basket are not smooth enough before the tamping then some parts will become more solid and less releasable while other parts will be over-extracted. This is caused by the variable resistance of the material’s different parts, which means that if the smoothness is not steady the shots will have erratic quality.

Based on this we can say that a puck with non-consistent density will have big impact on the espresso’s TDS (total dissolved solids), body and taste.

The first product we introduce is the Puck Perfecter, which is designed to solve the above mentioned problem. With its unique design the grounds in the filter basket will always be perfectly smooth. It helps the water to evenly extract every part of the puck.

A further advantage of using the Puck Perfecter is that by using it, the results of the subsequent shots will be constant, so when the important parameters of a desired shot are fixed, we are making our espressos with the same coarseness and amount of coffee grinds, under the same duration of extraction, with the same water temperature, thus the rate of dissolution and quality won’t be a problem anymore.

The rate of total dissolved solids is another important aspect of the process of making espressos, one which is also greatly affected by the tool we offer. As you can see on the pictures below, taken by one of our customers, using the Puck Perfecter can dramatically increase, even up to 7%, the rate of total dissolved solids.

The images, which are showing the TDS rates of Brazilian Mundo Novo coffee shots with and without using the Puck Perfecter, were taken by János Németh, the owner and roaster of the Kapucziner Artisan Coffee Roastery

TDS rate without The Puck Perfecter

TDS rate using the Puck Perfecter

With the Puck Perfecter our coffee will always be the same as we once set it. Further advantage of the PP is that if we set all the parameters of a liquid (grounds’ smoothness, coffee quantity, brewing time, temperature, etc.) it will always have the same high quality.

In case we work with a traditional tamper, it is very important that the compression is equal everywhere on the puck and parallel to the side of the filter basket. The Puck Perfecter helps you with this as well: all the pucks made with it will be perfect to brew.

If we talk about the tamping, we need to mention that  our goals were not only functionality and design, but aalso to make this tool handy during itsuse. That is why we designed the grip of the Puck Perfecter so that the tamper itself could be stored in it.

Summarising the advantages of the tool.

  • Perfectly consistent grounds
  • up to 7% higher total dissolved solids
  • Repeatable shots
  • Easier and more consistent tampering

The tool is made of stainless steel especially designed for this purposebased on individual orders for the required filterbasket size.

Please check our introduction video.

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